Wireless Internet Plans

We have gathered information from different website and made up into a webpage showing Wireless internet broadband connection from ISP like MTS Mblaze, Reliance NetConnect, Tata Photon Plus, etc.

Most of these service provide upto 3.1 Mbps downlink and 1.8 Mbps Uplink. Internet Speed may vary depending on your location and network traffic.

One of the disadvantage of using Unlimited plan in India is, all vendor have Fair Usage policy(or Limit in High speed usage)
Unlimited Internet plans:
Most popular plans:

Reliance netconnect is a damn shit… plz dont choose tat…
Got many Negative Feedbacks frm my frnds who used it and struggled wit it…
my Suggestion is not to choose reliance…

Tata photon is somewhat ok. getting around 2Mbps. But still the limited free usage sux :frowning: