Why Does Ranveer Singh Dress In Such A Unique Way?

Ranveer Singh is known for his eccentric style statements. The actor has always surprised his fans with his experimental dressing and fashion sense.

Ranveer confessed that during the initial years of his career in industry, he was trying hard to “conform” to the “expectations” of the industry by following certain fashion norms but he over the years, he has managed to shed the image.

Today, Ranveer Singh never fails to make headlines with his fashion choices. The charming actor admitted that he wants to stay true to himself, his sensibilities, his aesthetics and the choices he makes.

However, Ranveer often receives mixed reactions from the fashion police for his style and is trolled over social media as well. But the actor doesn’t fear being “judged” anymore.

While talking to a popular Indian daily, Ranveer Singh confessed, “ I believe style is an expression. It is here, when, I stopped filtering my expression and started doing what I felt like doing and not fearing being judged."

"Once I started being original, being true to what I felt I guess that got recognised widely - my distinctive style. But in all honesty, that is just me being me.”