What Styling Tips Can We Learn from Deepika Padukone?

Deepika Padukone is a Bollywood diva and a style icon. Her choices in dressing are all classy and sass! Be it a traditional sari or a cocktail gown; thestar rocks it all! So, if you need some style tips, here’s what you can learn from her.

[li]Hand Jewellery: The actress believes that besides the ears and neck, jewellery is also designed for the hands. And therefore, she prefers ditching the long earrings and opts for stunning hand jewellery.[/li][li]Floral Hair Accessories: Flowers complete an ethnic look. And if you love flowers, you will surely like this style. [b][u]Deepika Padukone[/u][/b] loves experimenting with her looks and uses vibrant flowers to give that ordinary bun, a classy twist.[/li][li]Sleek Ponytails: While leaving your hair may be a great idea, tying it up into a sleek ponytail is a greater one! A sleek ponytail goes well with both, western and traditional outfits and enhances one’s looks.[/li][/ol]