Rajapattai - Vikram's Movie Releasing on December

‘Rajapattai’ is the costliest among Vikram’s films. Susindran, who has joined with Vikram for the first time, has used the whole unit of his earlier film ‘Naan Mahaan Alla’ in this film.
At a recent press meet, those present along with Susindran wee Vikram, cameraman Madhi, dialogue writer Bhaskar Sakthi, heroine Deeksha Seth and story writer Seenu. Susindran said, “I did not have a great job in this film. With 5 songs and 4 fights, much of the film was handled by the dance master and stunt master. I can only say I supervised their work. I am very honored to have directed super actor Vikram in this film.”
Next to speak was Vikram. Even though I have acted in films like ‘Pithamagan’ and ‘Deiva Thirumagal,’ it has been a long time since I acted in a commercial film like ‘Dil,’ ‘Dhool’and ‘Samy.’ When I was thinking about that, Susindran narrated the story of ‘Rajapattai’ to me. This is a pucca commercial film. I do the role of a stunt actor who wants to become a cinema villain. I appear in various roles through the film. ‘Rajapattai’ is very different from Susindran’s other earlier films. There is a commercial director hidden in him. The film is due for a December release.”
When Chiyan Vikram was asked whetherAnushka or Deeksha was better, he gave marks for the former. “so far as acting is concerned, Anushka is best but Deeksha scores for her youthful good looks,”- Vikram