Mayakkam Enna - Cover Story

Here is the cover story of the movie


Karthik Saminathan([Dhanush]) lives along with his sister after their parents passed away. It is said that only their friends help them for their livelihood. Sundar, Shankar, Padmini and Vindhya were his friends. It is said that his nick name is geniusas he used to do stupid things. Everyone used to stay in Sundar¡¯s home. Sundar¡¯s Father is said to be Role model for the father¡¯s of young generation. Kartik¡¯s aim is to become wildlife photographer and his inspiration in Madhesh Krishnasamy an expert in wildlife photography. When Kartik approaches Madhesh to accept him as his assistant, Madhesh sents him out by humiliating him. During a night Sundar introduces a girl yamini([Richa]) as the girl he loves to his gang of friends at a get together in beach. His friends scolds him for hiding his love to them. He asks karthik to speak to him at least scold him in anger. Karthik scolds him with a bad word and that makes yamini tensed. She asks sundar to leave his friends. Karthik scoldsyamini in return. When she complains to sundar about this he scold her again. Yamini slaps karthik but karthik humilates her again by not bothering about her. Everyone starts to giggle and she was convinced by padmini. Karthik¡¯s voice over saysat the back that something is odd with her. Karthik gets irritated again by Madhesh in his office when he approaches him to enroll him as his assistant. Later karthik, his gang along with yamini meet at a restaurant where karthik and yamini quarrel again. But it is indirectly shown that yamini has some love feelings for karthik. Later yamini accepts to move out with sundar only if karthik accompanies them. In one such occasion Karthik gets a chance from madhesh to get bird¡¯s picture from forest. When karthik is packing his things sundar asks him whether he can come with him along with yamini as he is waiting for a chance to go out with yamini. Inthe trip karthik asks yamini aboutwhat¡¯s going on between them. When yamini tells him that she is not in love with sundar but she is just dating him, kartik gets a guilt conscious as he is cheating sundar. So he tells yamini that she is like his sister to him, yamini slaps him. They drink and fall asleep. In the forest karthik shoot a bird with exact angle and light. Yamini looks into those snaps from karthik¡¯s camera. When karthik gives his photos to madhesh, madhesh again humiliates him saying his photos were shit. Karthik becomes frustrated and starts drinking. In the meantimesundar calls him and asks him topick up yamini as her car got break down. When karthik goes there yamini ask him about the photo¡¯s. Karthik explains what had happened over there. In order to console him she hugs him. But later the two becomes romantic and kisses each other. Suddenly sundar calls kartik to en quire him whether he had picked up yamini. Karthik being caught by guilt moves away without informing anyone. Later on hearing yamini¡¯s voicemail he checks the last edition of national geographic magazine and found his bird photo under madhesh¡¯s name. Being disappointed he meet madhesh to give the credit to him. But madhesh denies it. Karthik leaves there with tears. His friends started scolding him in his homefor being vanished without saying anyone. Sundar tells him that he was waiting for him to give the ring to yamini. Yamini arrives there and asks him how are you? but karthik without replying enters into his room forgoing to restroom. Yamini follows him to his room and tells him she missed him so much and she felt like dying in his absence. They both hug each other. Suddenly sundar enters the room and gets shocked by seeing them hugging. He slaps karthik and leaves the place. Later with the help of sundar¡¯s father sundar forgive karthik and the duo decides that none of them is going to love yamini. In the meanwhile karthik’s sister calls sundar and expresses her love. As sundar receives the call in loud speaker mode kartik too hears what she said. On seeing this sundar¡¯s dad arranges marriage between karthik and yamini, sundar and karthik¡¯s sister. After their honeymoon, karthik faints and falls from the balcony on seeing that madhesh is being awarded as the best photographer of award for his bird¡¯s picture. It is shown after few years, karthik becomes mad and pysichic. He starts to drink a lot and beats up several people who asks him to take photograph. Yamini looks after him and the family and the problem created by him. She also sends his previous wildlife photographs to all the magazines and most of them got rejected. On a sudden night on seeing madhesh¡¯s interview about karthik¡¯s bird¡¯s photographexplaining as he took waiting in the forest, Karthik breaks the tv. Yamini comes in between to console him but he kicks her in the stomach that leads to abortion of their baby. Karthik being disappointed sleeps near the blood stains. Yamini returns from the hospital and starts cleaning it. Though she was angry she didn¡¯t express it towards him. Karthik realises his mistake and apologizes to her. On the other hand karthik¡¯s photo is being selected by discovery channel from the magazine frontpage which was sent by yamini. Karthik tells her about his assignment from discovery channel. Yet she didn’t talk to him. After few years karthik becomes one of the leading wild life photographers. He has been nominated for the IPC award in photography. Along with him madhesh is nominated for the Karthik¡¯s bird photo and finally it is announced that Karthik got that award. After receiving the award, karthik speaks saying that his friends where responsible for his success and walks out. Again he comes back to the podium and tells that the award goes to his wife as she is the reason for this award and applauds for her. Here yamini being over impressed by karthik, decides to talk to him. Karthik calls her and the movie ends when she says hello. In post credit it is shown that karthik follows madhesh. Madhesh tries to escape from karthik thinking he might humiliate him back. But karthik calls madhesh and tells him thank you!!