I will not marry a actress! Says Jai

Anjali denying an affair with Jai and going to the extent of refusing to do any films with him in future! Its Jai ‘s turn to speak out against Anjali’s statement. The ‘Engaeyum Eppodhum’ and ‘Vamanan’ hero says he will not marry an actress for sure and Mine will be an arranged marriage I have no belief in love marriage. I will marry a girl decided my parents’ choice as they know very well what is good to me and what is bad. And I am particular about not marrying an actress (specifies Anjali) ," said Jai ,.

A couple of days ago, Anjali cameout with a statement, urging the media to stop publishing stories that she is in a relationship with Jai , her ‘Engaeyum Eppothum’ co-star. “I have just started my career and I have a long way to go,” she said.Anjali recently bagged a meaty role in Vikram’s next venture, ‘Karikalan’

“I have made a decision not to act with Jai in future. My sole concentration is now on my career and I have no time to fall in love.”