Has Ranveer Singh’s Fashion Transformed?

When Ranveer Singh entered the film industry, he was trying to stand up to the expectation of the audience. But things have changed for the 31-year old. Today, Ranveer is known for creating a quirky fashion statement. The ‘Padmavat’ actor has loved playing around with his style, be it his moustache or his clothes. In fact, Ranveer is attracted to avant-garde style.

In an interview, Ranveer revealed that how he used to match his outfits with his haircuts during schooldays. Ranveer Singh does not fear being judged anymore by the fashion police of the industry. The actor has always been himself, and that has brought him today to where he is in the industry.

Believe it or not, Ranveer Singh’s wacky fashion sense has inspired many youngsters on social media. He not just sizzles on-screen with his versatile acting skills but off-screen as well with his wit, dance moves and now, a certified fashionista as well.