Effective Learning Tip

Following might answer the question “How can one develop learning as a habit?”:

Learning is very simple - Never stop

Teachers do fail, Learners never fail

Learning is never complicated or difficult

Learning is always possible whatever rule you apply

Learn from your mistakes, but do not make mistakes for learning.

Success does not happen in isolation. It is very often a participative and collective process. So share the good practices, ideas, and new learnings with your family, team members, neighbours… and enjoy the collaborative growth.

We first make our habits and then our habits make us.

Guard your habits; bad ones will destroy you.

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Nice … We should also have interest which most of us lack :frowning:

Yup, but there is a process by which we can nurture our interest

TechBuddy’s Theory of Relevant Learning:
When any information which gets into our conscious state of mind in the form of knowledge from various resources, can be synced with our sub conscious state of mind, Learning happens.
This can be easily done with the development of a self learning habit that focuses on the synergizing mind with our sense organs following an easy 3 step synchronization process.

  1. Read-watch-listen (Observe)
  2. Write-do (Apply)
  3. Speak-talk-teach-discuss (Express)
    Thus interests are nurtured, strengths are developed, learning happens and Success is achieved. The complete process is guided & inspired by an inner feeling known as the sense of self achievement.

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