Anna University - UG/PG - Question Paper format

Since all Anna University & Technology - Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai and Tirunelveli come under Anna University - Chennai , you need to know the question paper format .

Part -A

10 Short Questions (10 ×2=20 Marks)

Question No. 1 to 10 Covering uniformly all Units of Syllabus - If there are 5 units, 2 Questions from each unit

[LEFT] Part -B
5 Questions ( 5×16=80 Marks )

Question No. 11 to 15 Covering uniformly all Units of Syllabus -

One question from each unit -
11th Qn from 1st unit
12th Qn from 2nd unit
13th Qn from 3rd unit
14th Qn from 4th unit
15th Qn from 5th unit

Question No.11 to 15 will be either - or type, 11(a) or 11(b), 12(a) or 12(b) and so on

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