A view on traditional internships in Tamil Nadu

After reading AICTE - Internships mandatory for all engineering students , I hope this will be helpful to many college students.

The following is shared by my friend - Nivas Ravichandran :

"This is for the junior folks who have been asking me where to go for implant training for the summer. Please do not go for those costly Embedded System training or the NIIT Training or those stupid BSNL training programs !! They are worth shit ! In plant trainings in big companies or big brands do not matter. What you learnt over there matters more.

Instead, please do try for small companies or startups where they do not charge you but want you to work for them for one month or two months. They would even be ready to train you. For electronics folks, even if it is a TV Repair Shop, you would learn a lot more compared to the BSNL Training Program. Or join with friends and work on a small project on your own. Everything on your own."

Do you agree? Do you recommend any internship portals ?